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Jonrnal-Kvrry Jonrnal-Kvrry Jonrnal-Kvrry Promoted in Fire Bureau II 1 1 r: Henry H. Wurtele George F. Cunningham 6 Firemen Promoted Herei Get Tough Policy Ordered " ! " Department of Public Safety Makes Wurtele Assistant Chief Engineer; Drivers Warned To Pull Off, Stop When Sirens Sound Six promotions including the naming of an assistant chief in the Wilmington Bureau of Fire were approved by the directors directors of the Department of Public Safety yesterday afternoon. Capt. Henry H. Wurtele was promoted to assistant chief engineer. All promotions will be effective March 1. William S Satterthwaite, board president, and Frank J. Horty, concurred with a suggestion suggestion by William Cantwell, the other member of the board, in ordering a crackdown on Joseph A. Mulshenock Drama League Seeks 300 More Members A npwly-formed npwly-formed npwly-formed membership committee of the Wilmington Drama League met last night at the League's Lee Boulevard ineaire xo oimum xur uinneu uiciimcisiup unvc. Membership of the league Is 1.000. The committee's job will be to fill additional 300 memberships. ljicui mail u naipn timic, Compass Drive, Radnor Green, Other members in attendance were Mrs. Viola H. Fogg, Mrs. , . r ... Hprman sko n k. Mar e raDDa.ui William Galke, Mrs. Robert M. Hunt, Mrs. George Hallock, Mack Emmert, and James Mane- Mane- val captain. CaDtain MulsbrnnrV wa an. t- t- i , i;, . pointed a firemen Jan. 1, 1941, The Wilmington Drama and promoted to lieutenant Oct.iLeague is a non-prof non-prof non-prof Jt com-, com-, motorists who fail to heed the it' "c "ves .ai "UA i local amateur talent. The or- or- laws covering venicie move-i,J'-lccl'1 move-i,J'-lccl'1 move-i,J'-lccl'1 move-i,J'-lccl'1 move-i,J'-lccl'1 ment during fires. The board Captain Cunningham was ap-ordered ap-ordered ap-ordered the traffic division to pointed a fireman Jan, 16, 1939, enforce with vigor the law promoted to lieutenant. July 16. which provides that motorists must pull aside and stop when they hear fire sirens. Others promoted are: Lt. Joseph Joseph A. Mulshenock to captain, restoration of Lt. George F. Cunningham to captain, a post 1951, then to captain on Sept. 16, 1953. He was reduced in rank to lieutenant Dec. 1, 1955, retaining that post until his i and Saturday, promotion yesieraay. iie lives at 1625 North Franklin Street. Lieutenant Staats lives at ganization has five major pro ductions each season ana sponsors sponsors smaller presentations such as the Experimental Theatre. The League's latest offering is "Separate Tables" which has its final nights tomorrow, Friday, 6 Naval Reservists Get 2-Weeks 2-Weeks 2-Weeks Duty Six enlisted members of Naval he formerly held and Firemen j 223 South Union Street and was Ritchie H. Staats, Jr., Harry H. appointed a firemen Oct. 1, DeWolfe, and Edward A. Dor-;19.r0. Dor-;19.r0. Dor-;19.r0. Lieutenant DeWolfe, ap- ap- cnir liontaninf ! nnintorl fn K 1 1 Q J ') litrnr it Wurtele fills' a vacancy 2220 Tatnal Street, and Lieu-Reserve Lieu-Reserve Lieu-Reserve Division 4-1 4-1 4-1 have re- re- created bv the retirement of tenant Dorsey, appointed a fire-jceived fire-jceived fire-jceived orders to report for two William M. Donahue. Wurteleiman March 1, 1947, lives at 811 weeks of active training duty lives at 411 South Franklin! West Nineteenth Street, Jthis week-end, week-end, week-end, Lt. Cmdr. Street. He was aDDointed a fire-i fire-i fire-i A reauesr. from Police Thief F. Hallquist, commanding offi- offi- mon Fph i. 1942. arivancpd to!Ai-thnr to!Ai-thnr to!Ai-thnr r wiknn that ho unii cer. announced last night. lieutenant Oct. 1. 1952, and on Sgt. William H. Elliott be per-i per-i per-i Joseph F. Pugh, personnel-June personnel-June personnel-June 1, 1955 was promoted to mitted to attend the North-'man North-'man North-'man third class, 107 East Mon- Mon- wesern University Graduates roe Avenue, irmmusiuu -..aim., -..aim., Conference April 2 and 3 in j will go to the personnel office at Pittsburgh, Pa., was granted, the Naval Base in Philadelphia. They were authorized $150 for'Also reporting to Philadelphia expenses. will be William H. Scott, com- com- The board was informed that missaryman first class, 274 Fil-s Fil-s Fil-s nnn fppt nf 2U.inch hose and bert Street. Elsmere, who will 2,400 feet of Hs-inch Hs-inch Hs-inch hose have spend two weeks on the White- White- BOWURS BASKETBALL FANS Closa by for Tour Fayarlte Drink Near Auiustlna Cut-Off Cut-Off Cut-Off iJlllllllllllllllllllliilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllS been received from the Eureka hall, a patrol craft escort, on a' Hose Company. The hose re-,cruise re-,cruise re-,cruise to Miami places obsolete and worn lines. Reporting to the Naval Base

Clipped from The News Journal25 Feb 1959, WedPage 33

The News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware)25 Feb 1959, WedPage 33
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