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Page 2 - rjt!. If ihf to. lit mu iter Ml Silhtor pin. I...
rjt!. If ihf to. lit mu iter Ml Silhtor pin. I irih'ltr lii tin- tin- pi i'f. h tit iu hw tlioll -prfih -prfih of int ro.lni'1 nn I n Mini NT n't i. II. INI IK i M ' It nivrs nif trrnt plfiisiitr In wr in i many nun ntnl tlirtr wivri hrrr thm r mtiR." I'l'tian Mr. o'Nrivl "J upprf- upprf- i talfi ihf work I hat hat hm tj ilonr hy all in miikf thifi all air a Hilfft-M. Hilfft-M. Hilfft-M. Thf citn-tint citn-tint citn-tint iff in rhaiiif .li'HrrvfK Kia-at Kia-at Kia-at rrfht for thr niMtinrr m w lur Ii tlirv havf linniilfl vrtvlhmn l illffii yrarsi ai w- w- tat nr toil iho Rflatl (Iroi-fti (Iroi-fti (Iroi-fti Kvlianiiii "f W th nuni;ion ami in that tmif ihf asunriai im has ma. r wotulrtf ill iiroEtfsi. I want In sii- sii- that I havr hail I tir honor i if I ho aim. .iiition niakiMK me its prrsiilrnt for ihf I ist lo vfai". Now as I am pi nig flirt from thf rrtail lirofrry Imiini'ss, I fhall hf romp'-llfil romp'-llfil romp'-llfil to ntvr linn up I fjlinll always, howrvrr, rrinam proinl of thr work ai'.'omi'liKhfil hy llir tinsor lat oti Wr hivr storrf to hr prom! of. that nrr M'fonil to tiotir in thr Cm i I'd Slates " ASM i MTIOV HfN t- t- rtTS AH,. Mr. VNral ilfrlariil that I hr srshi'ih-t srshi'ih-t srshi'ih-t ton hrnrtiiril hfth thr prnihirrr n. si lli r, an will a?i (hr I'nnsumcr, as thr pioils roiilil hr sohl at a lowrr firirr. "Wr aj'pifri.vtf what thr daily paprrs havr ilonr in advrrl isitin this hatutift , whn-h whn-h whn-h is our hffoml .annual haniU.'t," hr nan! Mr, O'N'rsd thru introihicrfl Mayor II irrison W . Hnwrlh l ovri iMKM n ni mtok howfli.. "I was 8omrwhat siiiprisr.l when I askf'l what thf mrnihflshlp of thf f-t f-t f-t hanp' roust it ntnl and soinr our tol.J mi' till mrinhrrs." mu. I thr mayor. "I was Mil'i'l'lsril to fitnl that half thr liiim-hrtu liiim-hrtu liiim-hrtu air la. his. Thfir arr ahout 111 hrrr tonight, with somr frw oiitsidrrs, whirh ahout rvitis it tij1." thrrr hritiK ahout ,'iO ladir s pi t -,M' -,M' nt .' "I askfd thr hoiinrahlr ( 'onKicssinati what on rarth to talk ahout to trocrry-turtl," trocrry-turtl," trocrry-turtl," rotitimir.l thr prakrr. "ami hr sai.l 'must aril'." Thr mayor thm kfpt his liraliM's i iitrl tatlird for soiur timr hv lilatind many humornus jokrs and ;ilirriotf,s. Hr lirp'd thf )-o )-o )-o if ral H Ml of thr JiroriTs, a it. I " st a t f I that hf rr-Lirrtlril rr-Lirrtlril rr-Lirrtlril Its Inrlllhrrship 'h'l not inclii. r i i t v rrtail poo r in thr uly. Hr hr-hrVfil hr-hrVfil hr-hrVfil that in ro-oprrat ro-oprrat ro-oprrat ion and orptni7.a-tioti orptni7.a-tioti orptni7.a-tioti llir intrn-sts intrn-sts intrn-sts of hoth thr trm-rr trm-rr trm-rr and thr ronstimrr would hr hrttrr plotrcl n . Ilr spokr upon ivirnt invr.-t invr.-t invr.-t iy;at i.ns upon writht.s and mfasutr, in our mstatu r of which a pair of tic w st atidard s-airs, s-airs, s-airs, whirh wrrr very valuahlr, wrrr -tV -tV 3E 31 rsaiE l!J Hni if tn Jifnlrtt Better Cough Syrup than -n -n . H f ou can ouy A Family Supply, nvtaar 13 sad fully (.oaraulrrtL 3K s 31 A full pint of cough syrup as much, n.s yon could huy for 2.."0 can casilj he njado at hfune. Vou will find nothing that takes hold of an ohalinate cough more quickly, ustiully ending it inside uf 21 hours. Kxcellcnt, too, for croup, whooping cough, sorn lung?, asthma, lioarscncs!, Bud other throat trouhlen. Mix one pint of granulated sugar with Vj pint of wann water, and stir for 2 minutes. Hut 2V-. 2V-. 2V-. ounces of l'inex (fifty cents' worth) in a pint lmttle, then add the ugar Syrup. It keeps perfectly. Tako a teuspMunful every one, two tr three hours. This is piist laxalivo enough to help cure a cough. Also Minmlatc the appetite, appetite, which is usually upset hy a cough. 1'ho tastfj is jilcasunt. Th ellYct of J'ine and Bugar syrup on the inflametl memhranes ia well known, l'inex is tlio most valuahh) eoiier nl rate.l compound of Norway white; pine extract, rich in gnaiacol and all the natural healing pine elements. Ot her preparations preparations will not work in this formula. The Hinex and Sugar Siyrun recipo Js row used hy thousands of fiousewivpn ihrouphrmt tho I'nited States and Canada. Canada. Tho plan has lcen imitated, hut hfl old piirceftsful foruiuTa has never lieen equaled. A guaranty of ahsruntt p,isfaetion. or money promptly refunded, goes with thin reeipr. Vonr drugidst has l'inex, or will fet it for mu. lf not. send to Tho I l'itifjL Co., I t. Waj ae. Lai , marks to apply to dishonest person who run up a hill I hrv never intend to pav. ijinvi'rd to havr lifrn tamprrd with, j uotiif part lifttm tkrn out and rrplfd with othrr of n diffrrrnf "It. in urh a matilirr that thr rotiHiimfr wiw fhrattwl 1 'I Ills wa flr.tir infrntifnally, hut. the 1 ("(raker h'fl.irrl that f.fUn aenlra rrrre not true thro'ith no fault of flip owner; in m.iiif ra'.fB the owner loning in it. In f.tir meaner sen It-n It-n It-n rr found that had 1 nt-n nt-n nt-n UHi'd hv an old jrrocrr for many yrnra livery timr fhiK p-orrr p-orrr p-orrr sohl a pound ff goods hf it film (iitniT, An a rrult his turagre pr'dits were nrarly ratrn up hy thr l"..s and the grocer had a hard tr'ii-pr tr'ii-pr tr'ii-pr to hold his hcid alxvr water Tim ralrn Bite projfily adj'iHtf-fl adj'iHtf-fl adj'iHtf-fl and now he i grtting along hrttrr. tmoeriiR IWPftpRf) rrON. Thr mayor -stated -stated that thr jjrnrer also suffrrrd thr loss of mu h money hv trusting leoplr who wrrr apjiarrntly hotii'st hut who proved tf) lr iihorict , He quoted a easr whrrr a grocrr had lft ?rK n a hill of this kind, which rep-resrnfrd rep-resrnfrd rep-resrnfrd thr pnfit on several hundred dollars' worth of pind handled Hr -hevifl -hevifl something should le 'lont- 'lont- to prevent this, as thr honest corisumtr had to suffrr for it m thr eiu" H" tiff la red that hr kni'w whrrr thr piple wtire sn k or fut of work the gnHerymen wduM hok out. for them, hut he meant hi former re- re- Hy thr grocers ro-opr ro-opr ro-opr rating and doing away with compct it inn, thr mayor hr-lieved hr-lieved hr-lieved hoth thr grocers and consumers would hem-fit, hem-fit, hem-fit, as thr rim ids rouhl Vic sold fir a fair price to the eonsiitrter. This was better than the mrthods under rirnpr-titioti rirnpr-titioti rirnpr-titioti rules, where goiuls arr sold very cheap one time, to kill competition, and as noon as this is accomplished, the prices are raised very high. The grocer lost-s lost-s lost-s when thr prices are low and the eonsumi r when they are raided again, whereas if the grocers co-operated co-operated co-operated and sold their goods at a reasonable price both would benelit . TM KK moil CtMPlK.N. The speaker also believed in pure food, a battle for which is being vvaccil nationally, nationally, and he thought that each grocer should take for his motto: "We will handle only those goods we know to he absolutely pure." liH'.VKR UN tfiKFLK. 'ongrcsstiian Hcald, the next speiker, also entertained his hear.-rs hear.-rs hear.-rs with witty remarks He explained the reason reason whv thr price of coffee had hern advanced, which he said was tint due to t'if grocers, hut a coiner on th" market th.V had been effect ril in Uracil by money loaned liy the I'mtnl States 1 h de-el.ired de-el.ired de-el.ired that paitn-s paitn-s paitn-s in had borrowed borrowed ?7o, 000,000. p.'it of which wivs loaned by the Cnited S;ates, In buy up surplus coffee. ' Thus this country very obligingly furnished the money for Brazil to buy tin all thr surplus coffee and raise the price on the people of the 1'nitcd Mates. It is hardly lair to accuse the grocers of raising the price." Mr. lh-ald lh-ald lh-ald had ascertained these facts while serving in Cniigi'(.--s. Cniigi'(.--s. Cniigi'(.--s. Cniigi'(.--s. and ho declared declared that at present there are about Oikl.OOO hags of coffee stored in New York. OOO.IMKI in Liverpool. I'.ngland, and 900,-(,(.0 900,-(,(.0 900,-(,(.0 somewhere in (!oiti):iiiv. Buying at Deal Store enables you, with only a dress stylishly without for your clothing than stores. Here's the proof The Clothing for the Fifth and King Streets, Open Tuesday and M N lf,KU fKKI 1 tM.t R rMf.Kl UN; 1 .iiii-.r .iiii-.r .iiii-.r i ion - Ski. cupi ilsn up- up- n l.. .skeiienger entertained those present with siitr.i' to-date to-date to-date jokes, and he recited "t nsey at the Hat," with such a vim that one member, member, when the speaker had concluded, was heard to exclaim: "I'shaw. I thought he was going to knock a three-bagger." three-bagger." three-bagger." JOKts ON Till: MKMUVl's. W illiam H Smith. Jr.. was next introduced, introduced, and he recited the following "hits" nn snme nf the members: On H. Skmner "We do not rued any high hnauci-'r hnauci-'r hnauci-'r in our business. We have a Skianer." W ilium Ward "Neither party mods to block our Ward. W e hav e our own Ward that cairie; in. weight." H .n ex Iht, idsoa "W V donotmed an Absalom. We have another David smvii." Adam (iiubb "W hy should Adam go . hungry whin he is followed, by Cirubh?" Solmunu Slanthtr "Why net! wefiar the cut price ft-liow ft-liow ft-liow when our Solomon ca,a Slaughter anvihmg'."' A. S. Taylor and T. Haye.s Taylor "Why patronize the clothing s'ore? W have two Taylors." W. R. Dan 'We do not, hae -o -o take a I )arS we ha.r one.' Calm iV "You may not have Fieen able rn trans'a'e our mmu. Pass it over in hr two who Car.n Hee.l . fleorg" W't-a-i W't-a-i W't-a-i W't-a-i W't-a-i r "If you w-,t.V w-,t.V w-,t.V a rig made gJN r oi;r Weaver a 'riii .1. IfV Woih.-r Woih.-r Woih.-r and C. T. Wolhar "'Ihr sheep has in w...d. rh- rh- goa has U imr, the K. (' K. has ::s W o. i liars." W lihani If TIest a:.d Joe Buck "New Castle eoUU-v eoUU-v eoUU-v luts l s hills. Si.s-, Si.s-, Si.s-, has it sands. We have our Forres- Forres- our Ihi'-l. Ihi'-l. Ihi'-l. e.r In- In- till. Jame.s Gran? a::-! a::-! a::-! Wai'-T Wai'-T Wai'-T :lii- :lii- - "WV tJr.iiif Mi we mav t;ave th.' gout a: ' vr this fialiquet, will our Sl'.ly Toe li.c.v ;f .'" sU.'Rr -I -I LL' H. G. W Godwin w;w a!.." !.rro.i.'ii by the'!. isi-.r. isi-.r. isi-.r. Hh .id iri ss wa.- wa.- stu.-rr. stu.-rr. stu.-rr. ' 1 blie I havf.'.'t :triNtr:.:g say." he remarked as he seated h:in -':! -':! . Uun::g theeve.U'.Jg two rxcr'ie:: soios were rendered by Miss h Hohb. who was applauded Those present at the banquet were the following: Edmund Greenfield. Earle 1 r ; x. Joha I'u'zkus. Joseph W. Dare, S. E. Bennett, Bennett, N. Mclvinnev, G. W. ki-Mwun. ki-Mwun. ki-Mwun. H. 11 M. Lackland. John B TaGor. Kred Kirby, Asa S. Taylor, Charh-s Charh-s Charh-s G. Wolhar. J. H. Wolhar. August Seiler. (ieorg W. Wvaver, Hon Harn.son W How-vH, How-vH, How-vH, Mrs Harrison W . Howell, Hon Wilham Salves Can't In regard to skin diseas ,-.s. ,-.s. ,-.s. uiedieal ullt hoi it ies are now agued I.MI this . V .1 1 Uou t imprison ir.e ut.-ea.-e ut.-ea.-e ut.-ea.-e ut.-ea.-e ut.-ea.-e germs in I your skin by the use of greasy salves,' and thus encourage them to multiply, i c i i i 1 A true cure oi an eciemainus ciisea's I . i i . l i i can dp Diougni aouut tniy ny using the healing agent- agent- in the form of a hipii 1 WASH THE GERMS OCT A simple wash: A compound of Oil of W intergn.'en. Thymol and other ingredients ingredients as combined in the D. D. D. la-escriytion. la-escriytion. la-escriytion. This pcuetra'to to the

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